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The Sand Glass School

This menu will take you to the different classes we offer:

We will be offering seasonal classes throughout the year. These classes will include:

  • Fall Glass Pumpkins
  • Holiday Ornaments
  • Valentines Hearts
  • St. Patricks Day Pint Glasses
  • Mother's Day Flowers
  • Easter Egg Paperweights
  • Valentines Hearts & Flowers

    Make a one of a kind piece for your Valentine...
    Your choice of:
    - One (1) heart shaped paperweight
    - Two (2) glass flowers
    $35 per person - Two people each 30 minute time slot.
    No previous experience required.
    30 Minute Drop in class.

    $35 per One Hearts or Two Flowers.
    Each group of two will take around 30 minutes.
    Drop in class.
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    Holiday Ornaments

    Make your own holiday ornament. Pick your colors and enjoy the making!

    No previous experience required. 15 Minute Drop in class.

    $25 per Ornament.
    Each ornament takes around 15 minutes
    Drop in class.
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    Fall Pumpkins

    Create your own pumpkin patch! Come make a glass pumpkin and learn a little glassblowing.

    No previous experience required.

    $60 per student.
    Maximum 4 Students.
    2 hour class.
    No Classes Currently Scheduled

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