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Karen McPhillips - The SALT Yoga Studio

After being gifted a three-class pass to a new yoga studio in 2010, I discovered a passion for yoga and meditation that wasn't anticipated. Yoga quickly proved the kernel of change that enabled a full lifestyle pivot, resulting in a healthier body, mind and spirit.

I believe that yoga provides the foundation for becoming the best possible you. Fueled by the desire to help others explore and discover their best selves, I earned a 200-hr RYT in Fluid Yoga with Kevan Gale of Stil Studio in Dedham, MA. Through Bodhi & Mind, I am also certified to deliver cancer-informed yoga and meditation instruction. In 2015 I also earned a SPA Yoga certification with Betty Riaz of Stil Studio. Fluid Yoga also allowed me to expand my practice and teaching in 2016, with an RYT 500 Certification.

My classes blend strong foundational knowledge with an infectious joie de vie, free spirit and ready laughter for an experience that is fulfilling, comprehensive and fun. Consciously and unconsciously, personally and professionally, I am a natural "people developer," coaching others to achieve their aspirations. I am honored to apply this same support to yoga students, in a practice that organically helps us evolve into our best selves.

EXPERIENCE - 2014-2017
  • RYT 500 Certified by the Yoga Alliance, 2016
  • RYT200 Certified by the Yoga Alliance, 2014
  • Studio classes, Fluid Vinyasa/Vinyasa Flow, SPA Yoga, Fundamentals Flow
  • Workshops: Yoga Essentials, Beginners’ Yoga
  • Corporate meditation and asana practice, 2014 to present
  • Private yoga classes, Dharma and meditation, 2015 to present

  • Spencer Kirk-Jackson - The SAND Glass Barn

    A young boy stood silent and still by his mother's side … a very rare occurrence. What kicked his brain and imagination into gear were both the fluidity of the hot glass and the motion of the artists who skillfully reshaped its beauty as he watched traditional English glass blowing in an artists' village. But art was not something a lad from Sheffield England pursued beyond hobbies of drawing, some teenage years in video game graphic design, animation and development.

    A few decades later, I am no longer that boy, well not a 100% so. I’ve had a full career working with technology as an enthusiast, early adopter and a corporate professional. My experience includes roles as a computer programmer, engineering manager, information technology operations manager and web designer and developer. Yet none of that made much difference to me as I turned into that nine-year-old again when my wife and I entered the hot shop at the Tacoma Glass Museum. There we spent six hours watching the de la Torre brothers in action.

    That afternoon rekindled my fascination with art and glass blowing, which resulted in my pursuit of learning how to blow glass and applying my artistic skills and interests. This I’ve done through intensive training at Massachusetts College of Art, Pilchuck Glass School and The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass, plenty of research and reading, experimentation in the studio and serving as a teacher at Diablo Glass School and Snow Farm and as a teacher's assistant at Pilchuck and Corning.

    Living in Warren and surrounded by the beauty and community of the Mad River Valley has opened a whole new realm of inspiration and opportunity.

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